Facebook Q4 Earnings preview - all you need to know

01:45, 29 January 2020

Facebook will announce its Q4 earnings results on Wednesday, Jan. 29, after market close.

Analysts expect diluted EPS of $2.49, a jump of 4.3% YOY, while revenue could grow by 23.4%, from $16.9 billion to $20.9 billion.

The Silicon Valley giant has registered a total return of more than 50% in the past year, which is approx. double the S&P 500. Facebook (FB) has also managed to increase its monthly active users in the past two years by 8.69%, to 2.3 billion. A jump of approx. 8% is expected this time around. According to FactSet.com, advertising accounted for 98.5% of Facebook’s $55.8 billion in 2018 revenue, and analysts expect it to make up for the same percentage of its projected $70.5 billion 2019 revenue.

The markets are also waiting to see what will happen with WhatsApp monetization, especially after Facebook announced it has no plans to run ads on this platform in the near future. Instead, it might use WhatsApp for peer-to-peer payments or business messages. Additionally, Facebook Pay could be the catalyst for the company’s payments plan, especially after Libra has been stalled. Such a move could Facebook Marketplace to reach its full potential. 

Stifel reiterated the buy rating, with a price target of $240 - $250, while Bernstein sees the stock outperforming the market. TipRanks.com’s analyst price target see FB stock at $247.03, a 13.43% increase from the last price of $217.79.

Sources: investopedia.com, marketwatch.com, thestreet.com, finviz.com, tipranks.com, factset.com

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