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02:03, 18 December 2018

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Trading Central is a renowned and certified member of three Independent Research Provider (IRP) associations, comprised of Investorside Research, Euro IRP and Asia IRP. Apart from being a member of these associations, it is also a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

Investors are using the indicators given out by Trading Central to develop and further improve their strategies while also better grasping the concepts used in trading.  


Trader interacting with market data and research

By supporting today’s investors through innovative and complex educational experiences, Trading Central is delivering financial solutions throughout the world. Aimed at financial market aspirants, the market coverage and data that this tool offers have become an important part within a trader’s strategy. 
To better understand all the effects that Trading Central can have upon a trader’s strategy, all the functions offered by it are thoroughly explained within this article. Written with the main purpose of spreading awareness about the informational uses that the tool delivers to traders, this article is meant to clarify the uses of the tool and other questions an investor might have. 

The Influence That Trading Central Has on a Trading Plan 

The indicators which are given by the tool incorporate a wide variety of approaches and thus provide a valuable method of analysis and strategy planning for all traders, under any trading conditions or time frames.

Trading Indicators and Their Effects

Investor working with the trading indicators from Trading Central

trading indicator is a trigger for actiongenerated by analysis, that influences a trading position opened by an investor. 

The analysis that creates the indicator can be human-generated, or it can be generated by using mathematical formulas and algorithms based on market action combined with other market factors

Trading indicators help investors navigate through the rapidly changing world of the financial markets. Their goal within Trading Central is to provide traders with a mechanical method which should aid them in deciding what type of position should be opened for a specific financial instrument. 

Investor exploring the market coverage

Uses of a Wide Market Coverage

With its fast expansion, the system has unmatched market coverage and provides actual solutions for each trader that wants to work on his development and strategies. 

Through Trading Central, investors can actively participate in the financial field by: 

1) creating detailed trade strategies and plans 

2) validating their existent decisions 

3) better managing their risks

By expanding their portfolio in terms of covered instruments and analyzing global market events, the integrated tool works on growing the experience of a trader regardless of his knowledge level.

Trader accessing technical analysis results

Supporting Traders by Providing Insight at Any Given Time

All the information presented within Trading Central enables traders to form educated decisions in advance by offering data which can be used to take further actions. Each instrument selected by traders contains key technical details which, when combined with the whole process of creating a strategy, will offer a clear understanding of a trade summary. 

By exposing the key factors that a financial instrument is influenced by, Trading Central gives traders the possibility of understanding how to better manage risks while gaining more knowledge about the financial markets. 

After understanding what market aspects affect each instrument, traders can create further reference points for similar events that might have a potential impact on the price and the movement of a certain asset.

The functionality of active indicators integrated within Trading Central

The Use of Indicators Active Within Trading Central

The indicators integrated within the tool will offer detailed information which could be used by traders when deciding if they should open a position on a certain instrument. 

These can also point out past instrument performances which could be a key element in further developing a customised strategy, in accordance with the needs and interests of each trader. 

A Great Variety of Covered Instruments 

The technical strategies delivered by this investment advisor tool covers almost all the financial instruments provided by both of CFD Global’s platforms. The research contained within the system covers the following assets: 

a) Shares 

b) Commodities

c) Indices

d) Forex

e) ETFs

f) Bonds 

The analytical tools that exist within Trading Central allow investors to gain access to complex research on almost all the instruments, which will expand both their trading portfolio as well as their knowledge of the financial field.   

Trader assessing the factors that influence risk management strategies

Better Risk Management Knowledge 

As this trading tool is constantly being updated with insightful technical analysis reports, the chart-pattern recognition tools are always working to provide the latest, most relevant and complete information which can be used to improve each active trading strategy. 

By studying all the trading perspectives that the integrated tool offers, traders will become more aware of the factors that influence both an instrument and their strategies in regards to it. 

The information that makes up the indicators used by Trading Central is updated constantly, with the purpose of providing updated and relevant data to all traders. In time, if used accordingly, trading plans can be exponentially improved so that risks are minimized or better controlled. 


Introducing various trading styles to form a complete trading strategy

The Suitability of Trading Central for Various Trading Styles

Since the analysis tool includes a modern chartist methodology, it suits various styles and techniques. All of Trading Central’s features can be accessed directly from the platform.

By having a user-friendly interface and indicators that are simple to interpret, the tool becomes one of the main aspects consulted by traders when creating or testing out a plan.  

Regardless of a trader’s level of knowledge or availability, the tool can improve day strategies or long-term plans by providing: 

a) Fast access to global research

b) Popular instrument coverage 

c) Multilingual technical and fundamental analytics

d) Mobile solutions 

The inclusion of rich analyticsalerts and stop signs that are easy to understand by any trader make this system a tool which can be useful, as it comprises credible information from verified sources. 

Why Should You Consider Using the Trading Central Integrated Within CFD Global?

By providing traders with market-event-driven research and complex technical analysis throughout their journey, Trading Central is one of the leading integrated platform tools which ensures that educated and informed decisions are made based on facts and relevant research. 


Market research using advanced chartist methodologies

Keep in mind that while Trading Central is indeed one of the most complex and detailed tools, there are other systems and tools integrated into the CFD Global platforms which an investor can use to develop strategies, such as: 

1) The economic calendar

2) Various trading conditions

3) Expiration dates

When combining the research provided by each of these trading tools, traders will become more aware of the financial markets and better understand all the factors and variables that put together a strategy. 

The information provided by the third-party analysis system is an important part when creating strategies that are based on facts, actual market events, and educated decisions

By trading with CFD Global, an investor has complete access to all the research and technical analysis included within Trading Central. Since it’s already integrated into both platforms, the incorporation of information into daily strategy planning is simpler and more efficient, leading to better time management and a unique and informed approach of the financial markets


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