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Blends are trading instruments comprised of a collection of shares. We selected these groups of shares based on market capitalization, liquidity, trading volume, and volatility to give access to trading a mix of businesses and market areas.

Our CFDs on Blends are tracking various sectors such as E-Commerce, Social Media, and Technology, as well as CFDs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies fighting against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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Blends vs. Indices or ETFs

Blends vs. Indices or ETFs

Just like CFDs on indices or ETFs, our CFDs on blends give you exposure to different stocks in a market sector - all in a single financial product.

However, blends are baskets of shares associated with specific industries or branches of the economy. They focus on targeted ranges and predetermined themes of shares. For each blend, you can check-out the exact weight and importance of every company stock included here.  

Blends vs. Indices or ETFs

E-commerce Blend – comprised of online retailers – Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Best Buy

Social Media Blend – comprised of Social Media companies – Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat

US Technology Blend - comprised of major US technology companies: Apple, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft

Guru Buffett Blend – comprised of some of the stocks Warren Buffet’s holding has invested in – Apple, Coca Cola, JPMorgan

Check out our CFDs on Blends!

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Why trade CFDs on Blends?

Why trade CFDs on Blends?
  • Invest with leverage – our blends can include a variety of shares, allowing you to trade by using leverage, increasing your total exposure but also expanding the potential risk of loss
  • Easy tracking of your favorite shares – monitor the performance of different stocks within a single blend
  • Handy trading resources – we create the blends based on market trends and developments and offer you all the relevant info. On top of that, we recommend you to access our comprehensive education section and our analysis tools to back-up your technical and fundamental trading strategies.
Why trade CFDs on Blends?

On, you can trade so much more than CFDs on Blends! Check our entire collection of financial instruments (including CFDs on ETFs and indices) on the markets page!

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How to trade CFDs on Blends with

You can open a CFD on Blends position with through the device of your choice - smartphone, PC, or tablet.

Here are the five simple steps needed:

You find it hard to keep a close eye on your trades all the time? Advanced tools are available especially for this: you can set automatic orders like Take Profit and Stop Loss to manage multiple trades and keep your risks under control!

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Trading Conditions for CFDs on Blends

Over 8 CFDs on Blends
Leverage 1:5
Spreads as low as 0.15 USD
Zero deposit and withdrawal commissions*

* Please note that, operated by Key Way Investments Ltd, is not liable for any fees or hidden costs charged by your bank or online payment provider.

Trading Times

Keep in mind that trading hours may vary based on the specifics of every instrument.
For more details, check our dedicated Trading Conditions.